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As a young and talented musician, Warren Scott cofounded the aspiring band "Tabu". From the late 1990's to the early 2000's, the band received accolades from The Southern Digest, Underground LSU, Rhythm City Magazine and many other critics. One journalist once wrote, "Something good is going to happen to these guys before long-they have been around for too long."

Scott had also played professionally with the bands 3NM/Acoustic Groove, Javerwawke, and Tribal Dissent, all while pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at Baton Rouge Community College, Southern University, and LSU. Being culturally diverse, he was also both socially and politically active, and participated in many religious and community service activities. Just as it appeared that Scott's professional life was blossoming, something had gone drastically wrong.

"My name is Warren Scott III. I have been incarcerated for approximately nine years. I was wrongfully accused and convicted of charges consisting of aggravated burglary, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, and battery. I had no prior record of violence or criminality per se."

Scott is currently serving a 34 year sentence for crimes that he maintains to this day that he did not commit. He feels, like a countless number of other wrongfully convicted persons, that was plotted against.

Although Scott knows his conviction is unfair and unjust, he believes everything happens for a reason. "God has a plan for my life and this is just a piece of the puzzle."

-Warren Scott